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At AlephCare Med Staff, we strive to make professional home healthcare services accessible to everyone. We are committed to supporting individuals, families, and partners by offering affordable care plans and flexible payment options that fit their unique needs. With our services, you can stay home while receiving the medical attention you require, providing peace of mind to you and your caregivers. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to quality care, and we are dedicated to delivering it in the most convenient and comfortable way possible. 

Healthcare At Home

We all know the crucial need for care at home. It's vital that the elderly and physically impaired are able to live life, continue their hobbies, maintain relationships and stay connected. Whether they need help getting dressed, taking a shower, or preparing a meal, AlephCare Med Staff can give you a hand and allow your loved ones to remain in the comfort of their own home. 


“Thank you for the amazing service you provided my 89 year old mother. All of you can be very proud of the professional and caring manner you all handled my family emergency, providing exceptional and unmatched care..."

Mario O.


I am so grateful to the Home care team for taking on my case. You're all like family to me now - I don't know what I would have done for work if you hadn't stepped in help with my Mom.

Jenna P.

Who We Are

Experience the convenience of being at home while receiving top-quality private nurse care services 24/7. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional care services in the Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga, and London, ON. With our private nurse care services, you can rest assured that you or your loved one will receive the best possible care from the comfort of your own home.

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